Sandwich Griller
Double Sandwich Griller

Size (Single Griller)
Size (Doube Griller)
325 x 392 X 230 mm.
665 x 392 X 230 mm.
Salient Features
Made of special quality stainless steel.
also available in Teflon Coating
Now Available with Adjustable Top Plate
Extra heavy cast iron ribbed plates retain heat longer guarantee quick grilling, helpful in serving quick grilled sandwiches.
Accurate thermostal for variable temperature control.
Grease draining pan available
Easy to maintain & safe to use.
Specially designed low consumption heating elements.
Sandwich Griller (Patty Type)
Crepe Machine
Pine Machine (Waffle Candy)

Power : 1.5Kw
Size : 435x410x290mm

Power : 3.0Kw
Size : 520x450x220mm

Power : 1.75Kw
Size : 450x350x280mm

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