(P&I) Products & Ideas is a progressing enterprise, committed towards manufacturing and supplying quality bakery machines, Bakery equipments, Bakery ovens and accessories to the baking industry since many years. We are based at Delhi and in the manufacturing trade for the past many years.(P&I) Products & Ideas have been the ideal choice for bakers and manufacturers of Bread, Rusk (Toast), and all other bakery products across the country.
A great gift for hygienic and uniform baking of all type of Bakery Products like Rusk (Toast) Cookies, Khari, Biscuit, Puff, Patties, Pal, Bun, Burger, Fen, Jira, Bread, Cake, Pastries, Pizza Bases, Cream Rolls, Kulche etc. and also to roast Cashew, Almond, Peanuts, Pesta, Nuts and other Dry Fruits. More

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